BabyNote: You can find a Referral Request Form on our Forms Page.

  • Many insurance companies require you to have a written referral or prior authorization when seeing a specialist or undergoing certain diagnostic procedures and test. It is essential that you know the details of your individual insurance plan.
  • If your insurance requires referrals or preauthorization please follow the following guidelines; schedule your appointment with the recommended specialist before contacting our referral department. We will need the date and time of your child’s appointment and the name of the provider they are seeing.
  • We require three to four business days to complete referrals and four business days for prior authorizations
  • Once your referral has been completed, a copy of the paperwork will be mailed to your home
  • To assist us in completing the referral process, please access the link for our Referral Form. Print the form and complete it in its entirety and submit it to us via fax or mail. You may also contact the referral department by calling 404-256-3178 ext. 119.
  • When leaving a message on our referral line please make sure to spell your child’s full name and the name of the Dr. you are seeing. Also, please make sure to provide us with a fax number for their office.
  • REMEMBER, referrals cannot be completed “after the fact”. Please do not see a specialist or have a diagnostic procedure done and then call us for the referral.
  • If your child has to go to the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care Facility, please contact our office within 24 hours of the visit so that we may process a referral.
  • School Forms and Request for Therapy prescriptions will be processed within 3 business days.
  • Katie Beckett Medicaid Deeming Waivers will be processed within seven business days. You must fill out your portion of the form as completely as possible. You must also make sure to provide us with a contact telephone number. We will be required to contact you for the completion of this form.